• We Provide Experienced, Trained and Credentialed Personnel to Provide Armorer Services, Gun Handling and Technical Advise on Film Sets.
  • Firearms Rentals to the Movie Industry, including revolvers, pistols, shotguns, rifles, carbines, period muzzle loading (black powder) muskets, carbines and pistols as well as modern, fully automatic sub-machineguns and machineguns.
  • Blank Ammunition Sales.
  • Receiving and Shipping Firearms from and to Prop Houses for the Movie Industry.
  • Testing & Documenting the Condition of Rental Firearms for Function and Blank Debris Pattern Disbursal Prior to Their Employment on Film Sets.
  • Firearm Cleaning and Minor Repairs.
  • Insured, Secure Storage of Firearms.
  • Military and Police Oriented  Technical and Tactical Advise to the Movie Industry.
  • Expertise in the Employment of “Period” Muzzle Loading Firearms.
  • Expertise in the Employment of Modern Semi-Automatic and Fully Automatic Firearms.
  • Firearms Safety Courses for Directors, Assistant Directors, Casts & Crews of Film Productions.
  • Firearms & Tactics Boot Camp – A Two Day Firearms Oriented Course Addressing the Safe & Proper Handling of Firearms, Movement With Firearms, Military & Police Tactics Applicable to Film Productions.

Mark Cayton Weapon's Master

Mark Cayton, Lead Armorer