Firearms & Tactics Boot Camp

Over the last several years we have had many Stunt Performers and Principal Actors ask us to design a firearms course that encompassed the correct way to wear vests and body armor and teach correct grips for handguns, submachine guns, rifles and shotguns. Many performers also wanted to know correct stances as well as the dynamic movement they should use when on camera individually and in teams. We were also asked to teach them the skill of duplicating the recoil of various types of firearms that might be used in a given production. We are pleased to announce that we have included all of those skills and much more in our “Firearms & Tactics Boot Camp” course.

This course will be taught by highly qualified instructors with law enforcement, military, and film experience who have actually had to use the skills they are teaching in combat zones, on the street, and in the film industry.

This Two-Day, “Hands On” course is designed for individuals who currently hold a “Stunt Card” or actors who are current SAG members. The course will include both static and movement drills with non-guns and UTM (Ultimate Training Munitions) adapted firearms. As safety is always our main concern, we will use UTM Battlefield Blank and UTM Man Marker training rounds (less than lethal) on a dedicated range, specifically set up for UTM. No live ammunition or firearms which are not set up for UTM use will be allowed on that range. On a separate, dedicated range, we will also incorporate live fire of working handguns, rifles, shotguns and full auto, sub machineguns and machineguns so that performers may actually feel the recoil produced by different firearms. All live fire will be done from a static position. Also in the interest of safety and quality instruction, we will limit the class size to 12 students, giving us an instructor to student ratio of 1 to 4 or less.

To complete this realistic, dynamic movement training experience participants will have the opportunity to perform at least three scenarios in a Shoot House environment using the UTM Man Marker rounds. These are the same “less than lethal” training rounds used by many of our Special Operations Command personnel and many Law Enforcement Agencies.

The total round count (shots fired) for the class will be approximately 400 to 500 rounds per student (live and UTM).

All Firearms, UTM rounds, live ammunition, classroom supplies, refreshments, snacks and lunch will be provided each day. (Please let us know in advance if you have any special dietary concerns.)

A Certificate of Course Completion will be issued to each participant at the conclusion of the course.

Please understand: If you are a “prohibited person” as defined by the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms, you are not eligible to possess a firearm and we cannot train you. You may view the disqualifiers on the BATF web site. – search “Prohibited Person”

Course Dates:   – Exact Dates to be announced – Course Taught on Demand.

Course Location:  – Location to be announced.

Seats Available:  12 Seats – Minimum Class Size is 5 Students. To Enhance Safety and the Quality of Instruction, Maximum Class Size is 12.

Course fee:  $995.00 with 50%, non-refundable deposit due 20 days before course date.

To reserve a seat, mail your deposit, a copy of a photo ID and a copy of your Stunt or SAG card to: Apex Cinema Armorers, PO Box 11362, Wilmington, NC 28404, or you may call: 910-524-2116 and we will take your VISA, Master Card or American Express information over the phone and you may forward all other information or documentation by email.** .

* If we cancel the class for any reason, all deposits will be refunded. (Short of a hurricane, we do not cancel for weather.)

**A 3% surcharge will apply to credit card deposits.

Contact:  You may contact us through the “Contact Us” page on this web site or call 910-524-2116.